Amber Mesker


Meet Amber—the ultimate San Diego girl. She is an adventurous, 31-year-old, San Diego native, with an incredible sense of humor. She also happens to be the Entertainment and Lifestyle reporter for UT San Diego and DiscoverSD. Amber is a Colorado State alum and currently lives in beautiful Little Italy.

Because she is from San Diego, you better believe she loves her San Diego sports. However, Amber plays a few sports of her own…she is a “kickball and dodgeball extraordinaire.” Some of her other hobbies include, “getting her pump on,” dancing in her living room, exploring new places to eat, going to indie films, pub crawling, water-sports, playing at the beach and chillin’ on her beach cruiser. It is clear that this California girl loves having fun in the sun.  Amber also enjoys traveling with her friends. The best trip she ever took was when she went backpacking through Italy with her best friend for two weeks. “We had no plan, we just went on an adventure. It was amazing. The wine, the scenery and the people we met. It was incredibly spontaneous and the food was every fat kid’s dream.”

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Amber’s favorite food is “Anything with carbs! The three P’s…pizza, pancakes and pretzel bites!” What is her favorite drink, you ask? “A free one. Kidding…kind of.” Amber is a fruity beer girl; so buy her Cider, Framboise or Blue Moon and you can’t go wrong. Living in Little Italy gives Amber access to some of the best restaurants in San Diego, but her favorite is Davanti for brunch. According to Amber, “the pancakes, mimosa and Bloody Mary bar are to die for.” She also likes to venture outside of Little Italy to Tower 23 for the great people watching and the breath-taking view.

If Amber could plan the perfect date, here’s what it would be:

“I love to travel, so the perfect date would be to go somewhere I have never been. Maybe have a small adventure and do something active during the day. Then at night, find the perfect spot to watch the sunset, sip on wine and eat like fat kids.”

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