Bachelor Drew Woods

Drew Woods 2Meet Drew—this beach loving 29 year old is definitely THE guy you need to bid on! Drew has been in San Diego for the past six years and it currently living in the UTC area. He attended Cal State Fullerton for his Bachelors Degree and San Diego State University for his MBA. Brains and good looks?! But that’s not all—Drew is a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County. He has been a Big for the past two years and says it has been an incredible experience. Good looking, smart, compassionate, AND an athlete. Drew ran track in college and is still a big runner. Although he does not run too many 4-minute miles these days (WHOA!), he still enjoys a good beach run.

If you are looking for a California surfer boy to teach you how to ride a wave, Drew’s your man. Growing up in Huntington Beach made it very easy for him to fall in love with surfing. He’s been surfing most of his life and typically gets out in the water three to five times a week. But wait, there’s more! Drew also plays guitar. He is known to sing and play for small gatherings of close friends AND he enjoys photography and the arts. Talk about a well-rounded guy!


If you are the lucky girl to win a date with Drew, here are some things you need to know:

• His favorite food is pizza “by a large margin.”
• Even though pizza is his favorite food, his favorite restaurant is Eureka.
• As far as drinks go, he believes that the Arnold Palmer is the most incredible beverage ever invented. Although, anything with caffeine is up there on his list.
• His idea of a perfect date includes a bonfire on the beach with s’mores.
• Dates that don’t involve much interaction don’t interest him. He thinks going to the movies would be the worst.

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