Bachelor Genti Sava

Genti Sava

Meet Genti – born overseas in Albania, he came over to the states in his early teens. Genti attended Cal State University Northridge and currently resides in San Diego. This 34 year old enjoys playing beach volleyball and enjoying our great weather on his down time from working at NexusCW.

Some of Genti’s hobbies include having a active lifestyle filled with yoga, cycling, swimming, and anything that keeps him outside in San Diego. He has a big fat Greek food obsession and has found an authentic Greek restaurant, Café Athena, to remind him of home. His love for travel has taken him to many places and he would consider his best vacation to be to Bali, Indonesia.

If you are the lucky girl to win a date with Genti, here are a few things you should know:
· His favorite drink is Brandy on the rocks. Simple and delicious.
· His perfect date would be to change it up and to not really have plans. He would love to just see where the day takes him when going out with a girl. He would start off meeting at the beach and for lunch and drinks to a night activity in the city.
· He is terrible at singing and would prefer to never take a date karaoke!

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