Bachelor Tim Shelton

Tim Shelton

Meet Tim – San Diego State Basketball’s most eligible bachelor! Since graduating from SDSU, Tim has gone on to be the Player Development Coach for this stellar team. Ladies, if you love basketball, being active and having a good time, than you have to win a date with Tim! This 6’6, 25-year-old stud is originally from Bakersfield, but now calls the UTC area his home.

Although Tim coaches basketball, he still enjoys playing basketball recreationally. Some of his hobbies include working out, hiking, attending sporting events, concerts and meeting new people – so you know he would love to meet all of your friends! He also loves a good relaxing vacation. The best vacation he has ever been on is to the Camano Island in Washington. Between the beach, time on the water, good wine, fresh caught crab, and bad cell service, it is the perfect place to disconnect and relax. How perfect does that sound?

If you are the lucky girl who wins a date with Tim, here are some things you need to know:
• Tim is definitely not a picky eater—he is a mood eater. He likes a variety of different types of food and is open to trying almost anything.
• His favorite restaurant is Edo Sushi in UTC after 10PM on weekdays …Happy hour lol
• His favorite drink is Crown and Coke or 14 Hands, Hot to Trot Red Wine –sounds romantic!
• He doesn’t really have a preference for a “perfect date.” As long as the person is outgoing, he will have a good time.
• Tim would hate to be on a date where the other person was on their phone the whole time. So put those phones away, ladies, and get to know Tim!

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