Bachelorette Jenna Van Cleve

Jenna Van Cleve


Meet Jenna! Fun fact… she has one green and one blue eye! Looking for an athletic girl to go on a run with? Then Jenna is your girl! She has a very impressive runners resume and is a highly competitive triathlete. She is currently training for an Ironman and just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Boys, hope you can keep up! This Arizona girl made her way down to New Orleans where she lived in the city and attended college for 4 years. Once out of college she found herself in San Diego. You can find this Strawberry Blonde behind the Bar at Seasons 52.

San Diego is Jenna’s playground and she enjoys everything it has to offer. Not only is she regularly swimming, biking, and running for her training; but she also enjoys exploring the city, finding great food and wine, and hitting the town with her girlfriends. She has definitely fallen in love with San Diego. Jenna has also experienced some great travels with her twin brother with a summer backpacking through China. That is some good family bonding.

If you are the lucky guy to win a date with Jenna, here are few things to know:

    • She enjoys a nice glass of wine but can also spice up the night with a spicy tequila drink!
    • Her perfect date would start with a tandem bike ride, while watching the sunset and end the night with fireworks.
    • Jenna wants everyone to know that she is fun and down to try most anything. She says to ask her friends and they would testify that she is super cool. Friends know her best!


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