Debbie Bright


Meet our next bachelorette, Dr. Debbie Kay Bright—a gorgeous 29-year-old Chiropractic Physician at Function Smart: Athlete’s Wellness Group. Although Debbie currently lives in Del Mar, she is originally from Boonville, Missouri (yes, she has an adorable accent). It is no surprise that Dr. Bright has worked hard in school—she attended University of Central Missouri for her undergraduate degree, Logan University/College of Chiropractic (Doctor of Chiropractic) for graduate school, and she is currently working towards her Master’s in Nutrition & Human Performance from Logan University.

As a Chiropractic Physician, Debbie has worked with many professional athletes, however the sport she really enjoys is pickup beach volleyball—BYOB style: Bring Your Own Ball. Bring Your Own Boys. Bring Your Own Booze. Some of Debbie’s other hobbies include, fine dining at trendy restaurants; attending sports rehab seminars to fulfill her inner nerd; downloading new music to her Spotify account; catching a workout, whether it’s kettle balls, TRX with her trainer or hot yoga; hopping on a flight to a new destination; and last but certainly not least, watching Season 2 of “Nashville.”

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Debbie also loves to travel. She discovered this passion back in high school when her biology teacher would plan her summer vacations and allow any of her advanced students to join her on the trip. “One year we teamed up with another neighboring town and around 40 students were able to go to Panama City, Florida. We all road-tripped down and had the time of our lives. I remember begging and begging for my parents to let me go. It was the first time that I had ever seen the ocean. We all snorkeled, went scuba diving, jet skiing, dancing, and got henna tattoos and massive sunburns. I was with all of my best friends – the Kindergarten group we call it.  Pictures from that trip still make me smile.”

If you are the lucky guy who wins a date with Debbie, here are some things you should know:

Debbie’s ultimate cheat food is vanilla icing, however, she prefers eating clean—her favorite clean meal is seared ahi on a bed of fresh greens. Debbie’s drink of choice is a glass of Pinot Noir because “it has great health benefits and everyone loves a little liquid courage,” and her favorite restaurant is Searsucker, Downtown.

If Debbie could plan the perfect date it would consist of something thrilling—like skydiving!

“So we wake up and we meet for some lunch so that we can banter back and forth about how we are going to jump out of a friggin’ plane! I enjoy thrills, so I think this could really be a crazy fun experience for someone who has the nerve to do this. After skydiving, we can go our separate ways and get cleaned up for a nice dinner downtown and maybe a comedy show. It’s that, or I want to play with dolphins!  Dolphins, dinner, comedy show…”

What does Debbie’s perfect match look like? Debbie is looking for someone who will be her best friend, is self motivated, calm and reasonable, can hold an intelligent conversation, challenges her and is okay with some of her quirky behaviors…like when she curses like a sailor, loses her car keys or cleans in an OCD fashion.

Do you think Debbie could be your perfect match? You will never know unless you take the chance! Buy your tickets today!

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