Greg Kuchan


Meet Greg—he is the most athletic 26 year old you will ever meet. Not only is Greg a Personal trainer at CrossFit Pacific Beach, but he is also a surf instructor, scuba instructor and boat captain. He was born and raised in Southern Wisconsin and attended University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, however, he currently lives in Pacific Beach.

As you may have guessed, Greg has been an athlete all his life. He wrestled in college up until his junior year. Ladies, if you are looking for a crossfit guy who is going to take you on unbelievable adventures, Greg is perfect for you!  His hobbies include cooking, surfing, sailing, scuba diving, and spontaneous travel. He is a very active person who caught the “travel bug” at a young age. His friends have even told him that he should keep a ‘diary’ so he can write a book one day about all the places he lived, which includes Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Saint Thomas USVI, and now San Diego. He has taught scuba diving and sailing, and has worked on yachts and in shipyards all over the world. He says, “Life is one big adventure if you if you can play it right, and that is my goal.”

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Greg is also dying to learn how to salsa dance! You could have the chance to teach him. If you are the lucky lady who wins a date with Greg, here are some things you need to know:

Greg loves trying new things, so it is very hard for him to choose a favorite place to eat. Because he enjoys cooking, he spends most of his time cooking rather than eating out. Although he doesn’t have a “favorite” restaurant, he can never turn down Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in Pacific Beach. Who can’t?!

A perfect date for Greg consists of a sunset sail with good music and interesting conversation shared with good friends.

When asked what would make a date a “bad date,” Greg said, “I don’t think there is a bad date idea, just bad connections with people. If you go into any situation with a good attitude and fun people to hang out with, there can never be a bad date.”

Needless to say, Greg has a fantastic outlook on life! Do you think Greg could be your match? You will never know unless you take the chance! Buy your tickets today!

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