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Spotlight on YPC President Elise Fornaca

Elise Fornaca

How long have you been involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters and YPC, and in what capacity?

I’ve been involved since 2013. I was the Marketing chair and now President.

What does your role entail as President of YPC?

I provide strategic oversight and general management of YPC. I also provide leadership and support to all the committees and am the liaison to the BBBS Board.

What do you like best about being involved with YPC?

There are two things I love most: First, the people! I joined because I wanted to meet like-minded individuals with a similar passion for community involvement. I absolutely love our committee members and all the fun we have had. Second is the organization. BBBS is AMAZING! Not just the people that work there, but also the positive impact the organization has on the San Diego community – it is wonderful to be a part of!

What is the focus for YPC for 2017, and what are you most excited about?

The focus for YPC this year to build up a solid and dedicated committee but also give a lot back to BBBS, both in potential volunteers to be Bigs and financially. I’m really excited for all the new and enthusiastic committee members we’ve gotten so far, I think they’ll bring in new creative ideas to the group.

What do you do for work, and what do you like to do in your free time?

I work at Frank Motors as the Digital Marketing Manager. I love running and yoga. I also enjoy supporting local Little Italy restaurants and businesses.