Mike Gerstel

mikeThis is Mike, but everyone calls him Mikey. He is an adventurous 29 year old Research Diver for Excelis. Although Mike is originally from LA, he has been a San Diego resident for the past 6 years. He received a degree from San Diego Mesa College and was recently accepted into the San Diego State Athletic Training Program—Congrats Mike!

Ladies, if you are looking for an athletic man to go on adventures with then Mike is your guy! Mike grew up playing soccer; however these days, he participates in recreational softball, pick up beach volleyball and pretty much any activity that seems fun and exciting. Mike is always open to new adventures!  As you may have guessed, most of his hobbies involve being active. He loves hiking! For Mike, “being out in the open nature is amazing.” Mike has a great passion for yoga, as it has become a huge part of his life. He is also a Big Brother for Big Big Brothers Big Sisters San Diego County  and truly loves spending time with and mentoring his Little Brother. Let’s not forget, Mike loves traveling all over the world. The best vacation Mike has ever been on was to Cabo with his best friends, however he says he can see that changing very soon…
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If you are the lucky lady that joins Mike on his date, here are a few things you need to know:

First off, food and drink: aka the way to a man’s heart. Mike’s favorite food is “steak cooked to perfection.” According to Mike, “You just can’t beat it!” His favorite drink is Bacon Whiskey Sour. Yes, it is literally whiskey infused with bacon. Much to Mike’s surprise, a little Ethiopian restaurant has become his favorite place to eat.

When asked to describe his perfect date, Mike said…

“I like excitement, so taking a helicopter ride above the city, as the sun is setting would be incredible. Being able to take in the scenery from a different perspective and experience something completely different would make for an exciting time. Or going on a safari adventure, something that involved interaction with exotic animals would be incredible too. It creates a great bonding experience and it is completely out of the norm.”

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