Rockin’ Date Night: Meet Ashlee & Kenny


Meet Ashlee DeMartino and Kenny Blattenbauer. While she may have to report on some (rare) poor weather, you’re sure to have sunny skies on a date with 10 News weathercaster Ashlee. She has moved to 6 new cities in the last 10 years, loves to shop, travel, eat and drink wine. She grew up dancing and is the Dancing with the Las Vegas Stars Champion. Is your name Ken? She just may be your Barbie. (No, really. Ashlee worked for Matel in college playing Barbie at events.)

Kenny has also done his fair share of state hopping, having resided in 9 different states since college, due in large part to his time playing professional baseball. He’s played with the Royals, Indians, Dodgers and Somerset Patriots over a span of 6 years. He now works at DLK Investment Management as a Partner/Portfolio Manager. In addition to baseball, Kenny loves documentaries, skylines, penguins, bulldogs, the Florida Gators, comedy shows and working with children. Another fun fact? He won a twister tournament in high school.

If you want a shot with either of these two, you’ll have to get tickets to the event ( and outbid the competition.

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