Ron Morabito


We would like to introduce you to our next bachelor, Ron Morabito, the 37-year-old Founder and CEO of V Group, a custom signage and printing company. Ron is originally from New York—seven years ago he came to San Diego on vacation and loved it so much he never left. He currently lives in the Gaslamp.

Ron has had huge success with his business and was named “Top 40 under 40” by SD Metro Magazine, “Top 20 Men making an Impact in San Diego” by SD Metro Magazine, “Young Executive of the Month” by San Diego Young Professionals Committee, “San Diego Young Influential 2013” by San Diego Daily Transcript, “Metro Mover to Watch 2014” by SD Metro Magazine, and “Excellence in Customer Service” by San Diego Business Awards.

You might be interested to know that Ron accomplished all of this without having a degree. He left home at a very early age and was homeless for a portion of his teen years in NY. However, he always worked to get by, any job he could. He prides himself on never stealing, begging or turning to drugs. When he was 19, he had an opportunity to take the Series 7 Exam after having a cold calling job for six months. purchase ticketsview date packagesHe passed the exam and became a stockbroker in New York.  After a few years, he decided to leave and start his own business, which he had for eight years.

He sold it when he moved to California and started fresh building his current business.

Ladies, if you are looking for a hard working, athletic, musical guy to sweep you off your feet, you need to win a date with a Ron! Some of Ron’s hobbies include doing Brazil Jiu Jitsu, cooking and entertaining—he enjoys seeing his friends and family often. Ron is also a very talented musician. He enjoys playing guitar, writing songs and playing live for various charities in San Diego. Watch him sing “Every Breathe You Take” Here!

If you are the lucky girl who wins a date with Ron, here are some things you should know:

Ron’s absolute favorite food is pizza, his two favorite drinks are water and Pino Noir and his favorite restaurant in San Diego is Donovan’s.

When asked what his perfect date would be, Ron said: “I think if you’re with the right person if doesn’t matter what you’re doing. That said, Venice would be pretty awesome. Water streets, Gondolas, Italian food, vino? Okay, maybe that is my perfect date, but still with the right person.”

Sounds pretty good, right ladies? Do you think Ron could be your match? You will never know unless you take the chance! Buy your ticket today!

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