Single’s Auction Success Stories

At our Single’s Auction 2013, we expected to have a great time and raise a ton of money for Big Brothers Big Sisters San Diego County. However, we never expected that our singles would actually find love. To our wonderful surprise, Elise and Lexi did…

Elise & Danny 

danny eliseMeet Elise. She was chosen to be one of our 5 bachelorette’s auctioned off in our 2013 Date Auction. Since Elise is a huge Chargers fan, YPC put together a date package consisting of 2 (50-yard-line) tickets to the Monday Night Football game against the Indianapolis Colts. Elise, a huge supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, was excited to be a part of raising money for such a great cause; however, she was nervous and unsure of what to expect. She never could have guessed how the night was going to turn out…

Elise’s cousin, Monica, a member of the Young Professional Committee, saw this as an opportunity to play match maker. For the past few months, Monica had been dying to set Elise up with fellow YPC member, Danny. The night of the auction, she immediately approached him about buying a date with her cousin. Danny made it clear that he had no plans to bid on anyone…but his plans were about to change.

When it came time for the auction to begin, Elise walked out on the stage at The House of Blues and Danny began to rethink his decision not to bid. The emcee asked Elise, “If you could be any alcohol what would you be and why?” Elise responded, “Tequila! Because it’s fun.” Danny, whose birthday happens to be on Cinco de Mayo, took this as a sign that he needed to go on a date with this girl. Danny began bidding and won the date with Elise.

There was an immediate connection. Danny and Elise spent the rest of that night talking and have been together ever since. That Monday Night Football date was their first, but definitely not their last. Since that night, they have gone to many Charger games, Padres games and everything in between–each time having a blast together!

 Lexi & Tom

lexi and tomMeet Lexi, a professional skim boarder who was also one of our lucky bachelorettes in our 2013 Date Auction. Lexi, who was fresh out of a relationship, was a little nervous and unsure what to expect out of the single’s auction and her future date. Because of her profession, Lexi’s date package consisted of a beach date, and even included a surf board. She never expected to meet someone who loved the ocean as much as she did…

Prior to the start of the auction, Lexi met Tom, a very big supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. He had attended YPC events in the past and decided to get a group of friends to swing by the House of Blues before heading to a friend’s birthday party later that night. While they were talking, something told Tom he had to bid on Lexi.

When Lexi walked out on the stage, surf board in hand, Tom followed his gut and went for it!

Two weeks later, Lexi and Tom went on their date. They talked for hours, knowing that there was an instant connection. After trips to San Francisco and Peru, they are still going strong. Tom is finishing up his residency in San Diego and will be moving to Charleston, SC for a year, but the couple plans on staying together and making it work. Nothing will separate these two!

Will this be the year you find your match? You’ll never know unless you take that chance. What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today! 

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